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Calgary Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors are the neurosurgeons of the construction industry. Most of what they do happens out of sight and behind the scenes. While everyone admires the construction, architecture and design of a particular building whether it be a new home or an office development, no one thinks twice when turning on the switch to light it up.

“We believe that electricity exists because the electric company keeps sending us bills for it, but we cannot figure out how it travels inside wires” Dave Barry

All of our homes, offices and just about every building we walk into on a daily basis needs electricity, and the job of getting it into the building and making sure that it works all the time is that of an electrical contractor. Calgary electrical contractors have been providing electrical wiring and installations across the city for years and if you are in need of a professional electrical contractor then you need to hire the best. Sid’s Advantage is one of the most experienced electrical contractors in the city and provides a professional service to the people of Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Sid's Electrician

Whether you are looking for Calgary electrical contractors to provide an electric supply to a new building, or for repairs on an existing building, you need to use a professional. All of Sid’s electrical contractors are highly qualified electricians willing and able to provide all of the electricity related services that give the client, give you what you need. From the design of the electrical supply for new construction projects to the repair and overhaul of electrical systems in homes and housing developments, Sid’s Advantage Electrical has been turning on the city of Calgary for over 25 years! Isn’t it time that you got turned on to Sid?

The “Sid’s Advantage” is that you are using a company that is run by the owner himself, a company that provides Calgary electricians for all sorts of jobs, overseen by a master electrician. Using experienced Calgary electrical contractors means that you are choosing a company that not only knows the area, but is an expert on the type of electricity supply that you need. All of Sid’s electricians are experts in the field of health and safety compliance in the city of Calgary and the province of Alberta. Certified and qualified electricians are the only choice when it comes to any electrical supply needs. Having been in business for so many years means that Sid’s Advantage can pass the advantage of experience, efficiency and excellence onto our clients. With a reputation that precedes us, we are the residential electricians, commercial electricians AND industrial electrician contractors of choice in the Calgary area.

From small residential repairs to large commercial electrical developments, using our Calgary electrical contractors means that you are assured of the fastest response, the best quality and a full guarantee. It is all about customer satisfaction and making sure that we are there when you need us. A lot like turning on a light bulb.